The Vinegar Formula Guide

The Vinegar Formula Guide

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Finally... Exact Vinegar Measurements for Every Home Remedy and Cleaning Need! The Vinegar Formula Guide For decades, researchers have praised the amazing effects vinegar has on the human body. Packed with vitamins and minerals, vinegara€™s natural healing properties have been hailed as a medicine, cleaning agent, and more! Scientists have discovered that vinegar not only helps lower cholesterol and boost the immune system, but also eases arthritis pain and improves circulation. And, we all know this a€œliquid golda€ is an amazing household cleaner and disinfectant. But along with this treasure-trove of helpful information, come many questions. a€œExactly how much do I use?a€ Emily Thacker, author of the best-selling Vinegar Book, now makes available the new Vinegar Formula Guide. This one-of-a-kind book gives you exact formulas and measurements for ALL of your vinegar applications! In it youa€™ll find step-by-step, easy-to-use instructions for better health and using vinegar around the home couldna€™t be easier! Youa€™ll no longer wonder, a€œHow much vinegar should I use to freshen my drain?a€ Youa€™ll never again ask a€œShould I use apple cider or white vinegar to treat my varicose veins?a€ The Vinegar Formula Guide gives you all the specifics for EACH vinegar application. a€œWhat kind of vinegar do I use?a€ Youa€™ll learn: a€c What type of vinegar is best to use for each situation a€c Exact formulas and measurements a€c Step-by-step instructions a€c Indexed for quick reference a€c Large, easy-to-read print The new Vinegar Formula Guide is a concise reference manual that lists hundreds of the most fantastic and amazing uses for vinegar, all written in easy-to-read, recipe-style format. No more guesswork! You can finally get all the specifics for your most pressing home remedy needs. Learn how to: a€c Relieve nagging headaches a€c Make your own health tonic a€c Soothe painful corns and calluses a€c End embarrassing dandruff a€c Ease a sore throat a€c Treat itchy athletea€™s foot a€c Get rid of hiccups a€c Prevent leg cramps a€c Treat a sprained ankle a€c End nausea a€c Relieve discomfort of varicose veins a€c Bring relief from arthritis a€c Treat a tired muscle a€c Help soothe itchy skinAfter-Shower Body Wash to Balance pH: 61 Air Conditioner Grills: 163 Air Freshener: 139 All-Purpose Cleaner: 131 Aquariums: 155 ... 127 Bathroom: Glass Shower Doors: 127 Bathroom: Odors: 130 Bathroom: Shower Curtains: 126 Bathroom: Shower Door Mildew: 128 ... Washer Cleaner: 167 Carpet Cleaning: 121 Carpet Stains, Heavy: 120 Carpet Stains: 120 Carpet Water Stains : 121 Ceilings: 135anbsp;...

Title:The Vinegar Formula Guide
Author:Emily Thacker
Publisher:James Direct, Inc. - 2013-03-13


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