The Virgin

The Virgin

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Hannah Blue Herona€™s many readers will be delighted with The Virgin, her first novel. Living in prehistoric times (c. 3200 BCE), the Temple Virgins serve the Goddess, Inanna, by bringing men from the local villages into union with Her in ecstasy. Their village of Al-Rah is threatened by the teachings of the rough men from the North, the Kurgans, who denigrate women and are beginning to destroy the temples of the Goddesses, replacing them with temples to their fierce Gods. At only twelve sun journeys of age, Ashannah is commanded by the village Oracle to lead the women of Al-Rah over the Great Mountain, which they have never attempted to climb beyond the lowest foothills. Ashannah is filled with fear and confusion. How would she know the way? Unpredictable appearances of Inanna to Ashannah help them begin their journey. Common sense and great determination get them through danger, loss and near starvation. They finally get over the mountain and down into the beautiful valley, only to find that there is already a village of men inhabiting it. The surprising ending, is, in some some ways, no ending at all.Ashannah rubbed the oil from the blanket on her own hands and admitted that it felt very healing. After a time, they grew used to the odor and Gennah decided to make a blanket large enough to cover them all. She taught Ashannah how to spin the ... they could then tie the ends together, thus forming a sling in which to carry the baby, leaving Ashannaha#39;s arms and hands free. Sometimes Ashannah would anbsp;...

Title:The Virgin
Author:Hannah Blue Heron
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2009-09-11


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