The Virgin of Small Plains

The Virgin of Small Plains

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January 1987, Small Plains, Kansas. On the night of the decade's worst blizzard, a boy discovers the naked corpse of a beautiful girl. No-one can identify her, so the people of the town bury her with a gravestone marked with the date and 'Peace Be Unto You'. Seventeen years later, the mysterious dead girl - the 'Virgin of Small Plains' - has inspired a local myth. In the two decades since her death, strange miracles have visited those who faithfully tend her grave; some believe her spirit can cure deadly illnesses, while others credit her with the town's economic prosperity. Word of the legend spreads and Small Plains becomes a haven for an onslaught of spiritual seekers and the terminally ill, all hoping the Virgin will answer their prayers. When the mysterious Mitch Newquist reappears and a vengeful tornado devastates Small Plains, the truth begins to emerge.. What really happened seventeen years ago? Why did Mitch suddenly disappear the same night the Virgin's body was found - abandoning his first love, Abby Reynolds? And why are some of the town's leading citizens so determined that the truth remain buried?he called out, into the hallway. a€œWhat time is it?a€ His brother Patrick yelled back, a€œ Time to get your lazy ass out of bed and into the truck!a€ a€œWhy?a€ a€œLook out your window, dumbshit!a€ a€œPatrick!a€ their mother called reprovingly, and then coughed.

Title:The Virgin of Small Plains
Author:Nancy Pickard
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-12-08


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