The Virginia Terrace Creeper

The Virginia Terrace Creeper

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The Virginia Terrace Creeper tells the story of a few weeks in the life of a suburban ten-year-old boy as Halloween 1968 approaches. His anticipation of the big event is only sharpened when his older brother claims there is a boogeyman a€œCreepera€ prowling the streets of the mysterious neighborhood to the north, Virginia Terrace. Our pint-sized hero does his best not to believe his brothera€™s ridiculous story, but his active imagination keeps him wondering if there might not be some truth in the fantastic tale. In the end, he finds all the proof he needs as he loses his way all alone in Virginia Terrace on a moonlit Halloween night. The Virginia Terrace Creeper is sure to bring back Halloween memories for any reader who grew up trick-or-treating their way through baby-boomer America. Younger readers will find it slightly scary, funny, and fun -- an adventure tale to set the festive mood when October rolls around.A Halloween Story Michael Dunne. circled the neck ... I didna#39;t much mind not getting to show off my Halloween costume at school. Sure ... I had a real, custom- made, black Dracula cape with a secret pocket waiting for me at home, and instead I was going as a ragtag pirate. It only made me ... I sighed. I stood up beside my desk and swept a quick backhand at Jim Baumgarten, who was making as if to poke.

Title:The Virginia Terrace Creeper
Author:Michael Dunne
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-03-31


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