The Visible and The Invisible Reality

The Visible and The Invisible Reality

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Semi-autobiographical, telling the story of two intertwined journeys a€” an Earthly one and a spiritual one. In part an exploration of spirituality and paranormal phenomena (which in the German language is known as GRENZWISSENSCHAFT and may be translated into English as a€˜Borderline Sciencea€™). Experimental work is involved. It deals with esoteric philosophy, parapsychology and transpersonal experience, also exploring the meaning and mystery of life itself.... fill a gap ofloneliness and insecurity, possessing them as a a#39;living toya#39;, or mistreating them through racing in order to make ... or horse, they may at the same time happily eat another rabbit, roast goose, stuffed turkey or horsemeat sausages.

Title:The Visible and The Invisible Reality
Author:Helena Lettau
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2012-07-25


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