The Visionary Messenger

The Visionary Messenger

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Nine out of ten people walking around today are having a spiritual awakening and don't know it. However, you are different. Perhaps you are just opening to the spiritual journey of learning who you are and why you're here on Mother Earth. Maybe you've already been walking this path, but you sense that something is still missing. Your soul is calling you toward your divine mission. This book will help you to step ever closer to that sacred calling. It will teach you about the world of psychics and mediums, about your angels and guides and how to receive their blessings and messages, about rising above society's conditioning, and about following profound spiritual practices. Most of all, this book will gently assure you and remind you that you are indeed a spiritual being and that even if others see you as qdifferent, q you really can do whatever your heart desires. qThe Visionary Messenger opens the door and turns on the light to the gifts that we have suppressed within us due to the negative influences of the physical world. Through sharing her story, Adele, helps us to identify that yes, we too, were born with the ability to connect with The Creator of All That Is, angels, guides, teachers and deceased loved ones. She explains the conceptual realities of connecting with something greater than ourselves - the possibilities, the peace, and the fulfillment of being true to the core of whom and what we are and the love. The Visionary Messenger is not just Adele's story, like so many spiritual books. Within its pages are introductory tools and teachings to help one discern the level of interest and commitment to one's spiritual journey. A knowing will stir within, that qyes, there is more.q The unsettled, restless feelings that have been suppressed will insist on moving you forward in the search for answers. The Visionary Messenger will help you begin to set a firm foundation to experience fulfillment of your spiritual journey - are you ready to look within and pull forth your power, to enlighten yourself and achieve the fulfillment of your mission here on Mother Earth?q-Kathryn Large, Founder of Soul Kisses In all these things I write and give to you in these pages, please remember, I know on many levels this book will tweak you in your belief structures and in who you are. That is only one area of what this book is about, I give you the keys in which to unlock the doors to your own Divine Mission and purpose in this lifetime. One that will assist you in opening your eyes to the real Reality in which you live each day.As you work in some capacity within the spiritual or metaphysical world, the guidance you receive from your Master Teacher will help ... for humanity and animals or other humane causes certainly are strongly influenced by their Master Teachers in all they do. ... Ascended Masters Ascended Masters are highly evolved beings who have fulfilled their karma through many incarnations on the earth planeanbsp;...

Title:The Visionary Messenger
Author:Adele Linsalata
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2008-02


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