The Voice...

The Voice...

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This book is for those who desire to learn, without a doubt, the true principles of the doctrine of salvation. Knowing, doctrineshalt both save thyself and them that hear, 1 Tim 4:16. Be sure that you are saved! It is not a feeling, fanaticism or flamboyant church-inanity; it must be based on the rightly divided word of God.|||||||=== DISCLAIMER: qThe Voice...q is For Sale and offered as such, however, the sole purpose is not a commercial output, where it maybe offered for sale online is done so you may get a paper back copy if you please, otherwise it can be freely downloaded and printed or reproduced unaltered. Any proceeds received are mainly to cover the cost of doing so, to the third party online publishers and book designer; the author receives no money as an author.===|||||||You can do so by hard copies, soft copies, downloads, prints, photocopy prints, e- books and any format or method you wish, in any ... There is a free PDF copy online for you to do so; publishers, get the whole pack here ... Though I spent many hours and years in study, research, re-reading, re-writing and waiting on the Lord for revelations, you dona#39;t even ... but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written thereina€ (Josh. 1:8).

Title:The Voice...
Author:Oneil McQuick
Publisher:L.I.M Publishing - 2005-09-22


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