The Voices Down Under

The Voices Down Under

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A crime baffles the Australian police... a young woman washed ashore with unexplainable injuries as a cause for death. Her birth certificate lists Rollo, Kansas a€“ a town that no longer exists a€“ as her place of origin. a€œWell?a€ the head of security asks. a€œWhat do you think we should do?a€ a€œOnly one conclusion to draw, a€ Han commented after they reviewed the report. a€œDona€™t you agree?a€ Master Li feared Hana€™s overwhelming logical conclusion, one that threatens to bring down the newly formed World Psychic Organization a€“ a rogue. a€œ...and not just any rogue, a€ Han continued when Li did not respond, a€œa serial killer with advanced psychic ability. Since he has evaded Master Lia€™s detection, who knows where or when he will strike next?a€ Li took in a deep breath and pushed his plate of Running Elka€™s delicacies away. He lost his appetite. a€œHea€™s ruthless, a€ Han commented. a€œYou wona€™t be able to stop him as you did the others.a€ a€œI know, I know, a€ Master Li said as he rose and walked to the window. a€œA dark cloud has descended over us, Han. This rogue represents the kind of threat wea€™ve always dreaded, a€ he said as he gazed out at the cold February landscape. a€œPsychic pitted against psychic in a duel to the death...a€ Please visit: for additional plot information and links to William L Stolleya€™s other works in this series, Books I, II, and III in a€œThe Voices Saga, a€ published by iUniverse Press.Michael picked one scroll up to examine it more closely. ... He could not make out the language of the writing. ... a€œMy Ancient Greek is a little rusty, a€ he confessed, a€œ but I believe this scroll tells a story, a€ Michael observed as he linked to Li.

Title:The Voices Down Under
Author:William L Stolley
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-10-26


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