The Vulgar Vulture

The Vulgar Vulture

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It is April 9, 1945. A B-26 Marauder, the Vulgar Vulture, encounters two ME-262s over Regensburg, Germany. Tracers light the clear, moonlit sky as the crew feels the heat and percussion of ballistic impact. One crewmember stumbles out of the forward-hinged upward-opening hatch. The Vulture, a 37, 000-pound medium bomber enters an inverted spin. The sole survivor watches his beloved crew and aircraft crash and burn. His wife receives a Western Union Telegram announcing his a€œMissing in Actiona€ status. His life, however, is far from over. An English tank commander, two sons, a daughter and devoted wife have other plans. And then there is of course the prison camp, treasure, the quest, and the remnants of the Third Reich to deal with.The model of the Vulgar Vulture was at his eyelevel so that when the light came on, it was the first thing he sawa€”two R280043 engines and ... I wanted to know everything, to crawl into his head and make his knowledge and experiences mine.

Title:The Vulgar Vulture
Author:Jim Opalka
Publisher:America Star Books - 2009-03-23


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