The Wages of Sin

The Wages of Sin

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The truth of a conspiracy emerges, as two presidents fight for the same cause and suffer the same consequences...within the same house. A young man researching his heritage uncovers DNA evidence that reveals the fact that one of his forefathers served as the ruler of a thriving nation centuries ago, before becoming enslaved as part of a new-world-order. And upon further research the young man finds this to be an existence that spanned five hundred years of bondage where his ancestors are concerned. Further falling into sympathizing with his families past angst, he comes to realize his place in the entanglements of new forefathers as they prepare to break the chains of oppression, proclaiming, qWhen you forge the chains of bondage, you prepare yourselves to wear them.q Part 2 A man struggles - with one foot in the real world and the other in dreams - to understand if his outlook is true premonition...or only dreams, as he becomes involved with a vision concerning the future of all mankind. WILLIE STANFIELD experiences powerful and disturbing dreams for years convinced they are more than what they seem; so powerful in fact that he eventually feels the need to share his feelings by confiding in mental health care aficionado DR. YU. Attempting to help him unravel why the disturbing dreams inevitably and unsettlingly come true, Dr. Yu delves into Willie's past, and finds that since his early childhood clairvoyance has been shown as his God-given spiritual gift that he cannot hide within himself. Gaining confidence in Dr. Yu, Willie continues to confide in him, divulging his attempt at moving to begin a new life - to flee the evil he had always felt early stalked him...only to be haunted by dreams of a poverty-stricken life for him and an existence that would equate to an endless journey, making Dr. Yu feel his own life to be on a similar path. Titling both WILLIE STANFIELD'S FILE and his own life qnecessity, q Dr. Yu struggles to maintain his own identity while examining his own faith through his knowledge and belief of Biblical prophecies...soon empathizing with his patient. But just as all seems well for both in the Willie/Dr. Yu relationship, the therapist soon becomes disturbed when he learns of his patient's recurrent dreams of the end of the WORLD.I remember my second-grade teacher who I only remember by name and not by face. ... aquot;Miss Abby. Thata#39;s right Miss Abby, the teacher. Thata#39;s Miss-M.I.S.S. Abby. Now, hold out your hand.aquot; She would spell her name out as she hit me in theanbsp;...

Title:The Wages of Sin
Author:Willie Stanfield
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-02


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