The Wanderers Dark Age

The Wanderers Dark Age

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Join the legends of the galaxy in their adventures that take them from one strange world to the next. They are the Wanderers and their institution has thrived for thousands of years. They, their agents, and the students they train, have kept the tradition of protection and peace alive throughout the countless planets they visit. But not everyone is enamored with these adventurous Wanderers, and now the entire Order is in peril. What is more of a threat; those on the outside, or those on the inside? The Wanderers must make their final desperate stand as they resist extinction.A hum emitted and a terrible beam of energy that lit the hallway orange and white roared from it. Zuph then turned and did the same on the other end. The hallway was quiet except for the sizzling as Zuph looked down to Palis and held his hand out. a€œHow bad is it? ... a€œWell, thata#39;s how it goes. ... a€œI have a better idea, why dona#39;t I just stay here and watch this entrance while you check it out down there.

Title:The Wanderers Dark Age
Author:Aharic Alexander
Publisher:Aharic Alexander - 2014-12-01


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