The Water Devil

The Water Devil

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The final adventure in the beloved and bestselling Margaret of Ashbury trilogy, which began with A Vision of Light and In Pursuit of the Green Lion. Margaret of Ashbury is ready to settle down; the medieval healer is looking forward to an uneventful life in the country. And, indeed, life with her true love and a brood of rambunctious children is nearly perfecta€”except for her husband Gregorya€™s ever-meddling family. Finding himself deep in debt once again, Gregorya€™s father has plotted to sell Margareta€™s daughter off in marriage to save his woodlands from a greedy abbot. In a panic, Margaret turns to her old friend Brother Malachi to help save her daughter by whatever means necessary. The tension within the feuding family rouses an ancient being that dwells in a spring at the center of the disputed woodland. The watery creature has its own plans, and its eye is on Margareta€™s infant son. Favorite characters return, the stakes are high, and the air is thick with intrigue and danger. Written with the historical accuracy, supernatural plot twists, and humor that Rileya€™s readers have grown to love, The Water Devil is a high-spirited adventure that brings Margareta€™s odyssey to a satisfying conclusion. From the Trade Paperback edition.CHAPTER THREE UTSIDE THE WALLS OF PARIS, THE Kinga#39;s great army had been encamped for many days. ... Above the walls, through the open flap of his little canvas pavilion, he could make out the old familiar landmarks of his student days; the squat towers of the Bastille, the ... Farther away stood the peaked, slate anbsp;...

Title:The Water Devil
Author:Judith Merkle Riley
Publisher:Crown - 2009-01-21


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