The Way of Strategy

The Way of Strategy

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In 1831, General Carl von Clausewitz wrote that business is war. Like war, business is a competition between organizations. The Way of Strategy is the art and science of managing organizations in competitive situations. People, organizations, and management systems win wars and capture market share. In business today, the marketplace is the battlefield. To win, people and systems must deliver quality products and services to stay competitive. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, ISO 9000 series of quality standards, and total quality management emphasize the same elements of success: people, organizations, and systems. This book unites the legacies of teachers such as Sun Tzu (The Art of War), Miyamoto Musashi (The Book of Five Rings), Niccol Machiavelli (The Prince and The Art of War), Carl von Clausewitz (On War), and others. It describes how their strategies and leadership principles produced military victories. Modern business examples show how these timeless principles apply to personal and organizational success. After reading the book, you'll have a clearer understanding of how military strategy can help you become a successful business leader, manager, and tactician.... Millard, 43 Filtering, 131, 132 Fishbone diagram, 1 10 Fisher, John, 7-8 Fixed costs, 152, 203, 204 Flat organization, 116 Flexibility, ... 125 Ford, Henry, 72-73, 107, 192 Ford Motor Company, 73 and supplier relationships, 107 Taurus production by, 190, 214 Foresight, ... 41 Gallant, Robert, 130 Gateway 2000 personal computer company, agility at, 115 Gatling, Richard, 61 General Electric, 7, 21, 182anbsp;...

Title:The Way of Strategy
Author:William A. Levinson
Publisher:iUniverse - 1999-12-01


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