The Weapon

The Weapon

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Veronica Stone is a technology genius and inventor of the groundbreaking holographic cell phone. Her phone is harmless, an entertaining bit of high-tech wizardry, until it falls into the wrong hands. She is unaware of a wasting disease, invented by a Cold War Russian scientist, who lacked the technology to make his illness take effect. Now, years after the Cold War, a nefarious Japanese businessman somehow has gotten his hands on this scientista€™s notes, but he requires Veronicaa€™s phone to enact his horrific plan. He employs Veronicaa€™s invention to create a new and virtually indestructible weapon the world has never seen. Of course, she realizes none of this when she is seduced by the businessmana€™s offer of fortune and fame by agreeing to give him the application of her invention. After making this agreement, she is soon framed for the attempted murder of the president of the United States, so Veronica is on the run, in search of a cure for the horrible disease she unknowingly helped to weaponize. Veronica will need more than her intellect to clear her name; shea€™ll need calm calculation and bravery to save her nation, her family, and her life.They made her feel too guilty, and were too close to her own early draw- ings and ideas for the phone. After the resolution requirements and sketches for delivery systems, there were pages and pages of draw- ings and doodles, ... Music notes floated above the equations with dotted lines connecting one to the other, and a drawing of a digital clock counting off microseconds. It all seemed tied togetheranbsp;...

Title:The Weapon
Author:Heather Hopkins
Publisher:AbbottPress - 2014-02-20


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