The Weeping Willow Tree

The Weeping Willow Tree

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Most of Shorty's time was spent galloping through fields and jumping fences. That was the only world he knew and he was quite content with it. Then a tragic accident happened, leaving him lame and scarred, which turned his world upside down. Abandoned, he was left outside, cold and hungry, feeling sad and lonely. He endured a heartbreaking and abusive life until it got to the point where he didn't want to continue this life he was living any more. It was at that point when a strange man came and rescued Shorty and took him to a home of a family with children who loved him and thought he was beautiful, regardless of his scars and lame leg. His life would now be filled with all kinds of friends, of love, laughter, sadness and tears. This is the story about Shorty's life on the farm.I cana#39;t believe I didna#39;t notice that, a€ she said in a surprised note. ... Then Pokey proceeded to say, in a soft whisper, a€œHe is an Alligator Snapping Turtle. ... They can live to be way over a hundred and can grow as big as two and a half feet longanbsp;...

Title:The Weeping Willow Tree
Author:Barbara Pratta
Publisher:Author House - 2011-07-11


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