The Whisk of Love

The Whisk of Love

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Fifty-year-old Marcia, a resident of the small, unexciting town of Haystack, Wisconsin, sells scalp massagersa€”also known as a€œscalp whisksa€a€”for a living. With the help of her friend Betty, Marcia spends her free time engaged in an endless search for a man. Unfortunately, her hunt for the man of her dreams has become as challenging as finding a needle in a haystack. In her quest for true love, Marcia endures blind dates, hires a dating service, attends singles events, and attempts online datinga€”all to no avail. Despite enduring endless disaster dates that include wacky characters like a€œCrack Head Boba€ and a€œFarmer Tony, a€ Marcia still holds on to the slim hope that she will someday find a man who will treat her like the queen she isa€”and maybe even gently a€œwhiska€ her tired scalp on cold Wisconsin nights. Left with few options, Marcia turns to a social networking site. What she finds there will change her destiny forever. In this delightfully witty romantic tale, a middle-aged woman must learn to not only survive, but blossom into who she was always meant to be as she embarks on a hilarious roller coaster journey through the unpredictability of romance.Marcia saw no ice buildup underneath the hot tub, although, it being winter, a leak was going to be hard to diagnose. ... ripping off 3 foot pieces of duct tape, she muttered her usual home repair mantraa€“a€œI am NOT a freakinga#39; handywoman.

Title:The Whisk of Love
Author:Elaine Hoover
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-08-01


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