The Wild Marsh

The Wild Marsh

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The Wild Marsh is Rick Bassa€™s most mature, full account of life in the Yaak and a crowning achievement in his celebrated career. It begins with his family settling in for the long Montana winter, and captures all the subtle harbingers of change that mark each passing month a€” the initial cruel teasing of spring, the splendor and fecundity of summer, and the bittersweet memories evoked by fall. It is full of rich observation about what it takes to live in the valley a€” ruggedness, improvisation and, of course, duct tape. The Wild Marsh is also tremendously poignant, especially when Bass reflects on what it means for his young daughters to grow up surrounded by the strangeness and wonder of nature. He shares with them the Yaaka€™s little secrets a€” where the huckleberries are best in a dry year, where to find a grizzlya€™s claw marks in an old cedar a€” and discovers that passing on this intimate local knowledge, the knowledge of home, is a kind of rare and valuable love. Bass emerges not just as a writer but as a father, a neighbor, and a gifted observer, uniquely able to bring us close to the drama and sanctity of small things, ensuring that though the wilderness is increasingly at risk, the voice of the wilderness will not disappear.Every May, after the snow is finally gone but before the world burns green, I go back out again and search for those lost earrings of Tracya#39;s, ... Perhaps the earrings are resting flat on the ground, far beneath such matted hay, covered each year with another ... slender as a paper clip, and invisible, unknowable, except to the blindest of lucks or the most certain of destinies. ... Sometimes a major mistake that you make reveals itself to you slowly, unfolding through all the various stages ofanbsp;...

Title:The Wild Marsh
Author:Rick Bass
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2010-09-01


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