The Wind Dancer/Storm Winds

The Wind Dancer/Storm Winds

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Twice the thrillsa€”in one captivating volume Published together for the first time, from #1 New York Times best-selling author Iris Johansen comes a gripping pair of historical thrillers that push the boundaries of intrigue, suspense, and danger. The Wind Dancer In Renaissance Italy, intrigue is as intricate as carved cathedral doors, but none is so captivating as that surrounding the prized Wind Dancer, the lost treasure of a familya€”and of the man who will stop at nothing to reclaim it. Lionello Andreas is bound by his vow to guard the exquisite statue. But to recover what is rightfully his, he will need the help of a thiefa€”one he can control body and soul. He finds his answer on the treacherous backstreets of Florence, in a sharp-witted young woman whose poverty leaves her no choice. But in the end, the allure of the Wind Dancer, and the ruthlessness of those who would possess her, will catapult them both into a terrifying realm where death may be the most merciful escape. Storm Winds Jean Marc Andreas wanted what was rightfully hisa€”and would use any means to get it. Juliette de Clement, a confidante of the royal family, could aid his search for the treasure so many had killed to possessa€band died to protect. But in the treacherous world of eighteenth-century revolutionary France, death could come from any directiona€”none more likely than from the person you trusted most. Still, Jean and Juliette had no choice but to trust each other. Their lives depended on it. Someone else was determined to have the Wind Dancer statue, and the legacy it bestowed. Someone whose twisted genius was already wrecking a path of unspeakable violence. From the Trade Paperback edition.toward the room at the back of the shop. a€œSleepy . . . You can fix it.a€ Yes, she could fix it, Sanchia thought in weary ... away in the cabinet as soon as he had finished setting the type for each leaf, or this accident could have been a true catastro he. ... Sanchia turned to see Piero at the door leading to the small storage room.

Title:The Wind Dancer/Storm Winds
Author:Iris Johansen
Publisher:Bantam - 2011-05-04


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