The Winning Solar Car

The Winning Solar Car

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This book provides an introduction to all aspects of designing, manufacturing, and racing solar cars. Understanding the 'big picture' will help members of solar race car teams make design and manufacturing trade-offs to stay on schedule and allow time to test and practice racing the car. Based on the author's experiences designing and building five solar cars over the last ten years, this book focuses on the important aspects of designing a competitive solar car, including developing a racing strategy, efficient solar car driving, project management, and designing the specific subsystems of the car. Chapters Cover: Design Methodology Aerodynamics of Solar Cars Composite Materials Car Balance and Spring Rates Tires and Rolling Resistance Rear Suspension, Drive, and Chassis Structure Battery System Electrical Systems.

Title:The Winning Solar Car
Author:Douglas R. Carroll
Publisher:Society of Automotive Engineers - 2003-01-01


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