The Woman of Flowers

The Woman of Flowers

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Alexa, princess of Byzantium, was destined to rule with her devoted brother Marric until the evil forces cast dark magic on her and made her betray him. Thus Marric feels under assault and a usurper has seized the thronea€”and by means both magical and moral, defeated Alexa. Saved by warrior allies, Alexa has been taken to an unfamiliar northern land. Convinced of Marrica€™s death, she is consumed by guilta€”and fear. Even from afar, the usurpera€™s power reaches out to trap her. Savage dreams terrorize her nights, prophecies of doom upset her days, and the fiery magic runs wild within her soul. Alexaa€™s only hope lies amid the Druids of the distant Misty Isles. They alone can cleanse her of the darkness that infects her and teach her to use her powers well. But Alexa must learn more than just the secrets of the Druids, for within her hands and heart lie the very survival of Penilyn itself . . . and the fate of Byzantium.came the shout from on deck. Alexa leapt ... Beyond the island the rockfaces soared even higher, creating the deadly flume of rapids they must soon master. Some of ... Instead they bore themarkinga€”a black bear rampingin angera€”of Jomsborg. ... Foran instant Alexaimagined another shapea€”tallerthan Audun, clad in white fura€”superimposed overthe Aescir chieftain. ... The shadow that lumbered behind him was that of a man. ... This was Aescir magic, and no matterforher todabblein.

Title:The Woman of Flowers
Author:Susan Shwartz
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-04-01


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