the word on the street

the word on the street

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For those whoa€™ve never read the Bible and for those whoa€™ve read it too much. Laceya€™s a€œdangerously reala€ retelling of Scripture vividly demonstrates that the Bible is packed full of stories, poems, and images that resonate with the big issues of today. This fresh paraphrase-come-running-commentary brings the text alive: Bible stories are retold as mini blockbusters; psalms as song lyrics; epistles as emails; Revelation as seen through a virtual reality headset. Out with stale religious terms, herea€™s a a€œBiblea€ which talks todaya€™s languagea€”gritty, earthy, and witty. Enough starting at Genesis with good intentions and getting lost in Leviticus-Lacey succeeds in revitalizing a classic work by focusing on the big picture: fast-forwarding through the a€œslow-movinga€ bits with pace, passion, and energy to make the Bible a page turner. Laceya€™s tour de force was created during a remarkable personal journey through terminal cancer: the stuff Bible stories are made of. This life-experience injects Laceya€™s take on Scripture with authenticity and authoritya€”resonating with Bible characters who also wrestled with the big questions. Purist alert: This is not THE Bible (capital B)... but it might just get you reaching for one.Purist alert: This is not THE Bible (capital B)... but it might just get you reaching for one.

Title:the word on the street
Author:Rob Lacey
Publisher:Zondervan - 2009-05-18


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