The World is Your Litter Box

The World is Your Litter Box

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While people will buy this book because ita€™s so darn cute, smart cats know that ita€™s chock full of must-know information to make their lives even more pleasant than it already is. Thata€™s because Quasia€”a white-furred Tom whoa€™s 18 punchina€™ pounds of fabulous felinea€”reveals special secrets to his fellow couch clawers: how to look irresistibly cute, successfully get food anytime, hide when they dona€™t feel like coming in, and wake up their peacefully sleeping humans very early in the morning. Therea€™s even a list of great places toa€bumm a€œget rida€ of those annoying hairballs. That sound you hear? Ita€™s paws applauding!In addition to being descended from lions and tigers, wea#39;re cute and cuddly, we keep ourselves neat and clean, we can be left unattended for hours, we have ... Admittedly, dogs have a certain appeal to some humans, but hey, they dona#39;t even know how to use a litter box. ... Frequently, I like to take time out from the rigorsanbsp;...

Title:The World is Your Litter Box
Author:Quasi, Steve Fisher
Publisher:Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. - 2008


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