The World's Worst

The World's Worst

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Bookstore shelves are lined with tomes dedicated to the finest things that life has to offer. This is all well and good, but the real entertainment is to be found not in the cream of the crop, but at the bottom of the barrel. The World's Worst is a celebration/indictment of nearly 50 infamous and little-known exemplars of the awful. In thoroughly researched, scathingly funny essays, author Mark Frauenfelder avoids the obvious and digs deep to tell the fascinating tales of the worst people, places, and things on Earth for the reader's amusement and edification. Half of the entries are also mischieviously illustrated by the author. Addictively readable, and sure to appeal to fans of the popular Worst-Case Scenario and Darwin Awards series, The World's Worst is hilariously unafraid to wallow in the mire. Selected Horrible Highlights: Most Unappealing Fetish Most Disgusting Coffee Drink Most Horrific Self-Help Technique Least Adorable Pet Saddest Fate for an Island Nation Worst Molasses Related DisasterA Guide to the Most Disgusting, Hideous, Inept, and Dangerous People, Places, and Things on Earth Mark Frauenfelder ... driven by greed, desperation, sloppy thinking, sloth, or hatred, busily devoting themselves to the worst life has to offer.

Title:The World's Worst
Author:Mark Frauenfelder
Publisher:Chronicle Books - 2011-12-16


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