The Worst Date Ever

The Worst Date Ever

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When scriptwriter Jane Bussmann (South Park, The Fast Show, Brass Eye and Smack the Pony) moved to Hollywood, it was supposed to be the start of something better. But a day job interviewing Paris, Britney and Co. left her trapped in the Golden Age of Stupid. Then she saw a photograph of John Prendergast in Vanity Fair. His day job was ending war. He was also extremely attractive. Jane 'may have inferred she was a Foreign Correspondent', because suddenly she found herself on route to Africa on the trail of this modern-day Indiana Jones. There was one problem: when she got to Uganda John had left. Alone in a war-torn country, appalled by 25, 000 child abductions, Jane must investigate the war crime of the century a€“ to make John fancy her. Combining a maverick heroine, an idealist hero, comic disasters and moving tragedy, this is brilliant storytelling by a hugely talented writer. a€˜Jane Bussmanna€™s romantic odyssey from Hollywood to Uganda is the funniest thing wea€™ve ever read.a€™ Instyle Hot List a€˜a marvellously maverick approach to the investigation of war crimes.a€™ Marie Claire Five Stars a€˜Imagine The Last King of Scotland written by Shazzer from Bridget Jonesa€™s Diary, and youa€™d still only get halfway to appreciating Jane Bussmanna€™s funny, incongruous and artlessly perceptive account... this is one of the funniest books I've read for a long while' The Sunday Times 'hilarious and heart-wrenching' The Spectatora#39;British Airways say they cana#39;t change it without your booking reference, a#39; she said. I stopped pushing the bus to fumble in my bag. My God, Ia#39;ve been away from home so long my bag has BO. How? I didna#39;t lend it to ||- 1 found a filthy piece ofanbsp;...

Title:The Worst Date Ever
Author:Jane Bussmann
Publisher:Pan Macmillan - 2009-07-03


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