The Worth of Women's Work

The Worth of Women's Work

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Many common assumptions about work are challenged in this book. For example, the findings refute the common assertion that work tasks can be categorized into a€˜a€œinstrumental, a€ or task activities, versus a€œcaretaking, a€ or people-oriented activities. It is shown that, regardless of the type of job, tasks are accomplished through the management of relationships. Other findings show that workers devise ingenious methods for maintaining dignity in the face of blatant oppression, a conclusion neglected in traditional studies of work where prestige hierarchies are presumed to affect workersa€™ feelings about themselves. This book integrates findings from qualitative studies of womena€™s work experiences in 13 occupations. The methods for gathering the data include participant observation, unstructured interviews, analysis of diaries, and review of historical documents. These methodologies permit unanticipated patterns to emerge from the data. Hence, The Worth of Womena€™s Work not only presents new insights into womena€™s work experiences, but simultaneously takes a much-needed step in developing a framework for integrating qualitative research.Through deviant street networks, information about opportunities to make money on a hustle and potential threats to onea#39;s ability to do so either by ... As a result, they attempt to confine themselves to criminal activity that is not easily detected.

Title:The Worth of Women's Work
Author:Anne Statham, Eleanor M. Miller
Publisher:SUNY Press - 1988


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