The WPA Guide to Arizona

The WPA Guide to Arizona

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During the 1930s in the United States, the Works Progress Administration developed the Federal Writersa€™ Project to support writers and artists while making a national effort to document the countrya€™s shared history and culture. The American Guide series consists of individual guides to each of the states. Little-known authorsa€”many of whom would later become celebrated literary figuresa€”were commissioned to write these important books. John Steinbeck, Saul Bellow, Zora Neale Hurston, and Ralph Ellison are among the more than 6, 000 writers, editors, historians, and researchers who documented this celebration of local histories. Photographs, drawings, driving tours, detailed descriptions of towns, and rich cultural details exhibit each statea€™s unique flavor. At the time of the publication of the WPA Guide to Arizona in 1940, the Grand Canyon State was the newest addition to the union. The guide presents a state of contrasts, both geographically and culturally. The photographs show many facets of the statea€”from the mesas and desert lands to the Spanish missions and Native American art.In 1859 fifty cavalrymen, on their way down the Colorado to Fort Yuma, were attacked by 1, 500 Mojaves, but carried on a running fight and ... The tribe assemble in what is known as the a€œCry Housea€ and sing over the body; then take it to the a€œCremation Ground, a€ where it is placed on a ... On its streets are many darkskinned Chemehuevi and Mojave squawsa€”some having tribal designs tattooed on theiranbsp;...

Title:The WPA Guide to Arizona
Author:Federal Writers' Project
Publisher:Trinity University Press - 2013-10-31


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