The Writer's Selections

The Writer's Selections

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This thematic reader was developed to meet the specific needs of mid-level writers, and focuses on the variety of influences that shape our livesa€”including people, events, cultures, media, work, and technology. All of the readings are short, accessible, engaging, and are culled from a wide range of sources. Each reading is accompanied by effective pedagogy, including pre-reading activities, post-reading activities, and paragraph and essay writing assignments. Selections by both professional writers and students appeal to today's students. Headnotes provide a brief introduction to each selection, identifying the source and establishing a context for consideration. Journal Writing assignments encourage students to explore their ideas about featured topics before reading. Practical advice on how to approach each essay, such as reading or review techniques that will improve the students' comprehension and recall of each essay, is offered prior to reading. Finding Meaning questions help student's assess their comprehension of a reading's literal content. Understanding Technique sections guide students in analyzing the writer's methodology. For example, students may be asked to evaluate a writer's thesis statement; assess the effectiveness of a title, introduction, or conclusion; or study how the writer uses topic sentences or transitional words and phrases. Paragraph-length assignments offer writers the opportunity to explore a focused topic; essay-length assignments give students experience in narrowing a topic and developing a short essay. Assignments often provide prompts that offer advice on how to approach the assignment or what to include. Additional exercises stimulate interest and creativity by offering light, spontaneous writing assignments that, alternately, may be used as collaborative learning activities.Matrics of 11 Columbia, Md., said it has claimed the record for the smallest RFID tag, a flat square measuring 550 microns a side with an ... Without an antenna, the RFID tag is about the size of a flake of pepper. ... How does an RFID tag work ?

Title:The Writer's Selections
Author:Kathleen T. McWhorter
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin College Division - 2005-03-14


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