The Xmas Files

The Xmas Files

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A philosophical but fun look at the meanings of Christmas myths and rituals, from carving the turkey to why Santa wears red. Picture the scene: Aunt Gertrude has just given you the most appalling Christmas tie, complete with snow-flecked kittens in a bowler hat. Do you smile, nod, and confine it to the bottom drawer? Or do you tell the truth and spare yourself future ties from hell? Kant would say that we must, at all costs, tell the truth - whilst Mill would insist that we should think of the consequences. THE XMAS FILES is a philosophical meander though the myths and rituals of Christmas today, asking such important questions as does Santa exist? What's wrong with Christmas kitsch? Is it all just a commercial racket? What was Augustine's attitude to 'peace on earth'? And what would David Hume have to say about the virgin birth? For underneath all the festive fun, the way we celebrate Christmas does raise serious questions about the beliefs that sustain us, and the ways in which we still value ritual and tradition as a means of coming together.Ken Macmillan, one of those involved in making the documentary, explained: During Something Beautiful for God, there was an ... Of course modern-day illusionists like David Blaine and David Copperfield are easily able to convince people that they have witnessed something miraculous. Blaine can levitate himself an inch or two off the pavement while his audience walks around him; Copperfield fliesanbsp;...

Title:The Xmas Files
Author:Stephen Law
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-12-15


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