The Zimmerman Cypher

The Zimmerman Cypher

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In Newcastle upon Tyne, England the evening of September 23rd, 1993 is meant to be a night of celebration. Underworld kingpin Danny Chang has planned a surprise retirement party for his sometime good friend. Lieutenant Colonel Simon Boeck is ending his Army career as a decorated, highly trained occasionally shadowy Special Forces operative. No ordinary army officer, Boeck possesses amazing, incredible psychic powers. Unbeknown to the two friends a group of terrorists are intent on destroying the evening. Too late Boeck realises their intentions as, without warning, a van careers through the front of the restaurant followed by a violent confrontation which leaves one man dead and others seriously wounded. For the partygoers it's certainly a meal to forget. For Markov Ransky, leader of the Albanian gang, it's just the beginning of his reign of terror and violence as his men continue their campaign of kidnap, torture, sexual depravity and brutal murder. Physically damaged Detective Inspector Smokey Rover and his team are tasked to launch a desperate hunt to catch these men. The police are not the only ones determined in finding them as Chang eventually persuades Boeck to unleash his incredible skills in an attempt to exact, at any cost, justice. Yet unknown to all concerned is the fact that there are others waiting, unseen, ready to unleash their own kind of deadly revengeI sat there, the grass beneath my legs, warm sun caressing my back and the sound of birds in distant trees gentle on my sensers. ... Under the influence of their hallucinogenic dust, they had led me to meet my own animal spirit guide.

Title:The Zimmerman Cypher
Author:N. D. Scott
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2010


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