The Zombie Hunter's Combat Guide

The Zombie Hunter's Combat Guide

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The Zombie Hunter's Combat Guide is a fiction laced with a little humor and actual firearms and weapons facts. There are almost 200 actual photographs in this book! This book is meant for entertainment purposes. It is unlike any other zombie book as it is written by an actual Great Grandmaster of Kung-Fu, that also happens to be an archer and firearms expert. Areas covered in this book include: The Zombie Hunter's Code, The Zombie Hunter's Responsibility, The Beginning, Zombie Types, Zombie Common Characteristics, Zombie Preparedness, Basics of Proper Zombie Killing, Rules for Zombie Hunting, Types of Combat, Types of Weapons, Accessories and Gear, Weapon Selection Warning, Practical Accuracy, Safety Gear, Vehicles, Survival Supplies, Mindset, Firearm Safety, Zombie Hunting Strategies, Strongholds, Zombie Hunting Realities and the Conclusion.The shotgun was used by our colonial settlers and in our civil war. During World War I the trench gun was so devastating that Germany filed a protest of its use citing its use violated the laws of warfare. It was dismissed as the Americans used anbsp;...

Title:The Zombie Hunter's Combat Guide
Author:Allen Chinn - 2012-08-01


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