Theodore and Woodrow

Theodore and Woodrow

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a€œEither the Constitution means what it says, or it doesna€™t.a€ Americaa€™s founding fathers saw freedom as a part of our nature to be protecteda€”not to be usurped by the federal governmenta€”and so enshrined separation of powers and guarantees of freedom in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. But a little over a hundred years after Americaa€™s founding, those God-given rights were laid siege by two presidents caring more about the advancement of progressive, redistributionist ideology than the principles on which America was founded. Theodore and Woodrow is Judge Andrew P. Napolitanoa€™s shocking historical account of how a Republican and a Democratic president oversaw the greatest shift in power in American history, from a land built on the belief that authority should be left to the individuals and the states to a bloated, far-reaching federal bureaucracy, continuing to grow and consume power each day. With lessons rooted in history, Judge Napolitano shows the intellectually arrogant, anti-personal freedom, even racist progressive philosophy driving these men to poison the American system of government. And Americans still pay for their legacya€”in the federal income, in state-prescribed compulsory education, in the Federal Reserve, in perpetual wars, and in the constant encroachment of a government that coddles special interests and discourages true competition in the marketplace. With his attention to detail, deep constitutional knowledge, and unwavering adherence to truth telling, Judge Napolitano moves through the history of these men and their times in office to show how American values and the Constitution were sadly set aside, leaving personal freedom as a shadow of its former self, in the grip of an insidious, Nanny state, progressive ideology.Wileya#39;s crusadeagainst the caffeine in CocaCola is almost inexplicable, because despite hisdesperate attempts to ... 16 Another allegation was that CocaCola did not contain enough a€œcocaa€ and very little a€œcolaa€; therefore, the name wasanbsp;...

Title:Theodore and Woodrow
Author:Andrew P. Napolitano
Publisher:Thomas Nelson Inc - 2012-11-12


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