They Were Found Wanting

They Were Found Wanting

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They Were Found Wanting takes up the tale of the two Transylvanian cousins, their loves and very different fortunes, a year after They Were Counted ends.The table was laden with amultitude of dishes, fattened geeseand capons, enormous ducks and, what was exceptional at ... Then there were French breads, stuffed cabbage, brioches, coffee with whipped cream, sugared doughnuts and strudl. ... As theheavy foodandcopious draughtsof wine began to take effect, there followed ever coarser allusions to the ... Finally everyonegot upandwent into otherrooms or out under the portico while the tablewas removed to make space for dancing.

Title:They Were Found Wanting
Author:Miklós Bánffy
Publisher:Arcadia Books Limited - 2009-07-09


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