Thicker Than Soup

Thicker Than Soup

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Focussed on their careers, Sally Lancing, the daughter of a Pakistani immigrant and English mother, and John Sommers, the much-loved son of adopting parents, are equally committed to a child-free future. Then a surprise pregnancy a€“ and doubts about the paternity a€“ hurls them both into new, but separate, lives. Devastated by the loss of her job, her partner, and her home, Sally and her baby son embark on a journey to Pakistan to meet her fathera€™s distant family. Once there, Sallya€™s eyes are opened to a world that challenges her deepest beliefs. Meanwhile, John hides his vulnerability behind increasing success as a restaurateur. But the baby has rattled skeletons, and, unable to avoid his past, he too embarks on a journey a€“ to find his birth parents. As their horizons broaden and their views are challenged, the child, Sammy, is an innocent but enduring link. Thicker Than Soup is a story of love, loss and discovery that explores the concepts of morality and independence as Sally and John attempt to build separate futures. Until, that is, providence stirs lifea€™s mixing bowl once more, and Sammy is again the crucial ingredient. Thicker Than Soup is a moving tale of relationships set against a backdrop of both Thatchera€™s Britain and a beautifully evoked Pakistan. Inspired by The Ginger Tree by Oswald Wynd, the novel explores the serious issues of cultural integration and diversity as well as adoption, and also, the devastating shock of HIV.a€œGreat. You do the second sweet potato and Ia#39;ll do the fish a€“ therea#39;s nothing special about grilling fish.a€ A pungent aroma of charred spices filled the air as he turned the skewers. a€œOk. Wea#39;re done. Now, this dish is visual; I want it plated like this.

Title:Thicker Than Soup
Author:Kathryn Joyce
Publisher:Troubador Publishing Ltd - 2015-04-20


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