Think Smart & Lose Weight

Think Smart & Lose Weight

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This is not a diet book! THINK SMART AND LOSE WEIGHT is a guide for people with diet related issues who want to lose weight and are serious about keeping it off. By picking up this book readers are deserving of congratulations! THINK SMART AND LOSE WEIGHT is a testament of what is achievable for the individual. What readers will find between these pages is a reaction to the shocking statistic from Melbourne's Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute that Australia as much as America is now one of the fattest nations on earth. Sadly there is no quick fix, losing weight is not about counting calories and living on the scales, it is about making small daily changes that contribute to an overall exciting lifestyle reconfiguration and a new you. THINK SMART AND LOSE WEIGHT exists to help you do just this. Sandy Brocking's inspiring story and passion to use her experiences to help others has resulted in this innovative health plan for those who want to lose weight on a daily basis without being forced into a rigorous, radical or expensive diet regime. Recognising that a long lasting result is what is important, Sandy has translated her years of experience as a nurse into ink on paper to inform others about the very real risks that can occur as a result of unhealthy lifestyles. As Sandy used to be heavily overweight herself, she is dedicated to saving others, who are often suffering from the most terrible consequences of bad health and obesity, whilst spreading the message that 'you can give yourself the life you deserve!' THINK SMART AND LOSE WEIGHT provides the perfect companion for all personal journeys towards a healthy way of life.They find all sorts of reasons not to follow through with what you have just decided to do. Has that happened to ... You dona#39;t have the time and ita#39;s much nicer on the couch anyway. Ita#39;s too cold. ... to stop doing your exercise, losing weight and achieving your goal. I bet that horrible ... If you really want to achieve what you want, go and kick that little devil and get up and do what you want to do. Dona#39;t listen toanbsp;...

Title:Think Smart & Lose Weight
Author:Sandy Bröcking
Publisher:Sandy Bröcking - 2010


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