Thinking Made Easy

Thinking Made Easy

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Thinking is basic to us all. It is the intellectual activity that generates ideas, and underlines all human actions and accomplishments. As a skill it is learned through experience and in the process of education, though not to the extent required. The modern changing world, with its flood of information and increasing threshold of knowledge, poses greater challenges for our minds than ever before. This necessitates a refinement of thinking skills. This Book Provides an insight into the functioning of the brain and its impact on the thought process; to enable a well informed conscious effort to leverage the full potential of the mind. The simple steps outlined can be dovetailed into everyday activity, as you experience life, to improve your thinking ability, facilitate intellectual development and lead you to even greater success in life.Suchdecisions canbe made instantaneously, because of the patterning selection system and definitive processof the ... Investigative agencies employ detectivesto study patterns ofhuman behaviour and analysts to carryout technical analysis.

Title:Thinking Made Easy
Author:PRN Mohan - 2014-02


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