Third Eye’s a Charm

Third Eye’s a Charm

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Lies. Deceit. Denial. A ghost. Must be Wednesday morning. RoseAngel Dobson - psychic quasi-extraordinaire - uses her telepathic powers to help people and pets at her humane society job. Shea€™ll be the first to admit, though, shea€™s a masked superhero in this regard, keeping her true colors hidden behind a ringing phone. Helping people - alive or dead - is what she does, and by golly she does it well. So when a darkly mysterious caller with the sexiest voice on the planet calls - accompanied by a ghostly vision of a boy in need - RoseAngel knows she has to find out who this child is, and how to help save him. It has absolutely nothing to do with trying to learn more about the caller who makes her heart do the jitterbug. Nope. Nothing at all. Travis Mattison is hiding his true identity, going under the alias Trevor Matthews, although the spunky redhead who bumps into him at the grocery store seems to know his real name. He is too close to finishing a three-year ordeal, suffering through a series of events that would put a lesser man in R-wing, and if Ms. Dobson knows who he really is, nothing in his world will be safe. Including his life. As the attraction between them grows, so does the risk. RoseAngela€™s life gets upended, while Travisa€™s is endangered. All RoseAngel has to do to save their future is pinpoint Travisa€™s location on a map. Too bad she was probably eating ice cream the day they handed out that ability. Sensuality Level: SensualHe scratches his head. a€œI dona#39;t know how to fix ghosts.a€ TheRealtor walks up and jangles ... Mike unlocks it, andI immediately fall inlovewith the deep curved oak staircase, the patterned hardwood floors, theoak and marble fireplace.This is goodanbsp;...

Title:Third Eye’s a Charm
Author:Dorothy Callahan
Publisher:Crimson Romance - 2014-03-03


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