This Country Must Change

This Country Must Change

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An effort to further the discussion of the necessity of a fundamental political and social revolution in the United States, this collection contains essays by 12 activists and authors, all of whom have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to revolutionary change. As inspiring as it is educational, this anthology is a must read for those involved with or considering advocating political or social change within. Arguing that reformist measures cannot be relied upon to correct the fundamental problems caused by the corporate elite and political structure, the contributors are unified in their call for a significant revolutionary change in the United States.... on his homes and businesses, eight federal grand jury investigations, a forced appearance in front of U.S. Congress, FBI ... Tour of the Seven Regional Primate Research Centers, was the National Organizer for the 1999 Primate Freedom Tour (a three-month caravan protesting primate research centers across the U.S.) , organized marches, protests and benefits in ... USA Today, Time, Newsweek, Village Voice, Outside Magazine, National Public Radio, 60 Minutes, 20/20, The Todayanbsp;...

Title:This Country Must Change
Author:Craig Rosebraugh
Publisher:PM Press - 2009


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