This Is Not A Game

This Is Not A Game

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THIS IS NOT A GAME is a novel built around the coolest phenomenon in the world. That phenomenon is known as the Alternate Reality Game, or ARG. It's big, and it's getting bigger. It's immersive and massively interactive, and it's spreading through the Internet at the speed of light. To the player, the Alternate Reality Game has no boundaries. You can be standing in a parking lot, or a shopping center. A pay phone near you will ring, and on the other end will be someone demanding information. You'd better have the information handy. ARGs combine video, text adventure, radio plays, audio, animation, improvisational theatre, graphics, and story into an immersive experience. Now, one of science fiction's most acclaimed writers, Walter Jon Williams, brings this extraordinary phenomenon to life in a pulse-pounding thriller. This is not a game. This is a novel that will blow your mind.To keep the riffraff out, the top two floors had the same key card locks as the elevator, but the roof door was not so equipped. ... This called for a shower, a change of clothes, and lunch. ... The housing for the elevators and banks of solar cells and big ten-foot-tall aluminum boxes holding air-conditioning gear made ... beyond the shining emblems of modernity, CHAPTER SEVEN - This Is Not the Whole Story.

Title:This Is Not A Game
Author:Walter Jon Williams
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-03-05


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