This Is Not the Tropics

This Is Not the Tropics

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The stories collected in This Is Not the Tropics come from the geographic center of a divided nation, and its protagonists evoke a split personalitya€”one half submerged in Americaa€™s own diehard mythology, the other half searching to escape tradition. Together they form a portrait of the Plains that is both quirky and poignant. While the themes in this collection are familiara€”love and betrayal, loneliness and regret, the needs of the individual versus the needs of the communitya€”the tales themselves are startling and new. Whether it is the story of an eccentric out-of-work accordion player; a woman ending a long marriage against the backdrop of a visit from her failing mother; a young girl who wishes to solve a mystery until real mystery enters her life; or all of the men in a small Nebraska town who annually compete in a hilariously earnest beauty pageant, these are tales that speak of the lives lived in the small towns, the prairie cities, and on the dirt roads off blue highways in the middle of nowhere and everywhere.a€œWell, since youa#39;re Miss Dog-person right now why not go as Cruella De Vil? ... could rummage through the wardrobe room at Mastera#39;s Hall and find a fur coat and some weird costume jewelry, a cigarette holder. ... a costume. Ita#39;d do me good to get out of here for a while anyway.a€ a€œThata#39;s more like it, a€ Leslie Ann said. a€œ Ia#39;ll get aanbsp;...

Title:This Is Not the Tropics
Author:Ladette Randolph
Publisher:University of Wisconsin Pres - 2012-03-07


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