This Is What We Are!

This Is What We Are!

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The book is an attempt to describe the origin, constitution and destiny of Man. Using what the Ancients told us as a starting point, a brief genesis of the Universe and Man is given. The Universe is shown to be triune, comprising a Body, a Mind or Soul, and a ruling Spirit. Man, being a miniature Universe, is also shown to be triune and composed of a Body, a Mind or Soul, and an indwelling ruling Spirit. Teh book goes on to show that Man is animal by his body and human by his Mind, Soul or Self: an organizing intelligencec, This is waht we are!: partly animal (by the Body) and partly human (by the Mind, Soul or Self); hence the portrayal of man as Centaur, whose human torso is inseparably joined to its euine lower part. The fact that Man is partly animal and partly human leads us to the acceptance of our Nature, of how and what we are. Our Spirit or qFatherq made us teh way we are, and this is perfect. Thus, the human Nature needs no ammendment. With the acceptance of our Nature, as we are, the Mind realizes that its true mission in the Body is to work closely with the indwelling Spirit, with a view to obtaining the latter's maximal growth. Optimal growth of the Spirit is the sole objective of evolution and the Mind, as husbandman of the Body, is expected to contribute positively to the achievement of the growth. The Mind as an organizing intelligence acts, through the Body and with the help of the Spirit, on the outside world. This process has beocome almost automatic and the Mind has been deluded into believing that it can of itself, do anything; forgetting that it is actually the Spirit that does everything, through the Mind and the Body. the book goes on to show that the Paradise that Man once enjoyed can only be regained by a re-orientation of the Mind towrds the Spirit within. The search of the Self, the I, is for the Spirit within and not for some fictitious qHigher Selfq. How can the Self search for itself? Who will do the searching? No. The search is done by the Self and for the Spirit within. This search for the Spirit is indeed true religion: a return to the source.We should get up in the morning joyfully, with a heart full of gratitude to our Spirit a€”the Lord. If human beings grow old so quickly it is because they dona#39;t know how to call on joy to be their constant companion. The heart or ... Through the bridge and keyboard of the spine coupled with the autonomous nerve system! The Soulanbsp;...

Title:This Is What We Are!
Author:Emmanuel K. Anizoba
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2005-01


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