This'll Be The Day That I Die

This'll Be The Day That I Die

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On Christmas Day, December 25, 2012, four scientists working at the Cold Spring Harbor Labs on Long Island announce a discovery that will change the course of humanity and pit science against theological beliefs that have existed since time began. The team of genetic scientists have located and defined a human gene that can accurately identify the length of a human life from their first day to when their last day will come about. Their 4 years of study of the gene offers no reasons for a persona€™s demise except that they can predict with absolute certainty when an individual tested will meet their death. The evidence rocks the foundations of religions worldwide and shakes the faith of humankind which has believed that only God has the power to control such decisions. Nations around the globe take up the debate over who defines not the start, but the end of a human life. The debate will linger for years. But the discovery also shakes the lives of four test volunteers that had agreed to be subjects and donated their DNA. For each of the 4 subjects find out that they are scheduled to die exactly one year from the date of the announcement, December 25, 2013 will be the day that they die. The four, total strangers to each other, seemingly in perfect health and all from completely separate walks of life and circumstances, know only that they share the same date of death. The wave of human emotions that accompanies their terrible news at first overwhelms them as they go from disbelief and denial to resignation and resolution. They each take a different course as they prepare themselves by looking back on their lives and numbering the days they have left. What happens to them and how the human spirit can change so suddenly becomes the focus as each person moves forward towards their final day of our most precious possession, life.You already seen that. He could have ... a€œLord knows my heart is broken beyond any repair I been praying to Jesus to take me instead. But child, while ... Deke left for Citi Field and Sharona lay on the couch, where she fell into a dreamy sleep. When she ... She powered on the TV and just as she found the ballgame, her cell phone rang. Glancing at ... a€œThis is Doctor Guitton from Cold Spring Harbor Lab.

Title:This'll Be The Day That I Die
Author:John Michael Griffin
Publisher:Outskirts Press - 2015-03-25


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