Thought Process

Thought Process

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Jamie Donnelly is a high school junior who leads a carefree, idyllic life in suburban Southern New Jersey. He has skipped through life relying on his quick wit, good looks and natural intelligence. His life changes suddenly when he suffers a cerebral aneurysm and then becomes the first person in the world to have revolutionary technology surgically implanted. Jamie faces his ultimate challenge when he is forced to take on a powerful group of people, including a presidential candidate, who see the technology as a way to dominate US politics and business. A diverse group of friends bring their individual talents to help Jamie, as he is running for his life trying to solve the mystery of who is behind the conspiracy. His ordeal forces him to grow from an immature teen to a resourceful, responsible man who not only learns more about himself, but gains a deeper appreciation of the people around him.I kept going over in my head how they could be connected and what it meant. The most ... a€œDad, I need to talk you a minute before you leave, a€ I called out to him as he was getting into his car. ... I went back up stairs and hopped into the shower . ... If I had my computer networked brain at that time, Ia€Ÿd have had pictures stored on my hard drive. ... I hoped we could get past that soon and get back to normal.

Title:Thought Process
Author:Paul Quintavalle
Publisher:Thought Process - 2008-09-16


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