Three Paths to Profitable Investing

Three Paths to Profitable Investing

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Discover Todaya€™s Newest, Best Paths to Sustainable Wealth Master lower-cost, lower-risk ETF investing in tomorrowa€™s hottest growth areas: healthcare, infrastructure, and green technology Profit from demographic change and other powerful global trends Learn do-it-yourself strategies and specific ETF recommendations Yesterdaya€™s phony investments have collapsed. Tomorrowa€™s winning investments will be real: They will be in emerging industries that save lives, build critical infrastructure, and protect the world for our children. Right now, there are enormous profits to be made in healthcare, infrastructure, and the environment. This book reveals the lowest-cost, lowest-risk way to earn those profits: sector ETFs. Youa€™ll discover new strategies for choosing the right ETFs in tomorrowa€™s highest-growth industries...reducing portfolio costs that are destroying your returns...meeting both your short- and long-term investment goals. Sick of bubbles and financial flim-flam? Want solid, high-growth investments in industries that solve urgent problems? Looking for profits that can be sustained over years and decades? This is the book youa€™ve been searching for. Where will the next generation of enormous, sustainable wealth come from? Not from financial manipulation but from the same source from which it has always come: from those who create the infrastructure upon which society can grow, productivity can increase, and life can improve. Right now, extraordinary opportunities exist in these three areas: healthcare, infrastructure, and environmental products and services. In Three Paths to Profitable Investing, XShares founder and CEO Jeffrey Feldman shows how to use ETFs to cost-effectively invest in these areas at the best possible time to a€œcatch the wavea€ and reap enormous profits: right now, just before these industries become commercially viable. Feldman and Andrew Hyman introduce a step-by-step approach to utilizing sector ETFs both as part of a long-term strategy that eliminates single-stock risk and as part of shorter-term hedging strategies. You dona€™t need an advisor to use these techniques: With a few clicks of the mouse, you can build a portfolio that accesses unprecedented innovation, reigniting your own personal prosperity and that of society at the same time. Choose your targetsa€”and get rid of the middleman Why ETFs are now the best way to invest in the future The healthcare crisis and the biotech revolution Profiting from the new face of healthcare in Americaa€”and limiting your risks Green investing and a€œgreen ETFsa€ Clean technologies, clean energy, and the three a€œwild cardsa€ of green power Why infrastructure will be hugea€”and how to invest in it successfully Picking winning ETFs in the highest-growth infrastructure sectorsThey read about these sorts of disasters happening in various developing countries around the world, but those things happened over ... All this happened because of a system that was not robust, and the fact that a utility failed to prune trees to keep them away from transmission wires. ... In 2005, Hurricane Katrina swept through the Gulf Coast of the United States. ... People who could not make it out of town on their own huddled in the citya#39;s convention center and football stadium.

Title:Three Paths to Profitable Investing
Author:Jeffrey Feldman, Andrew N. Hyman
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2010-04-30


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