Three Plots for Poe

Three Plots for Poe

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An old-fashioned mystery, a contemporary mystery, and an avant-garde mystery are presented in Three Plots for Poe. This sequence is a tribute to the Gothic genius of Poe who shaped the mystery genre. At the same time, these tales explore three phases of the genrea€™s progress and at last escape its Gothic limits altogether. An old-fashioned mystery, Death Calls the Shots invokes the golden age of pulp mysteries in a way that led Jacques Barzun, one of the ultimate authorities on this era, to express his admiration of the story for its mood, plot, pace, and structure. A contemporary mystery, Love in the Modern Landscape offers an unusual blend of evil and intelligence endangering a pair of lovers who appear unequal to the threat. An avantgarde mystery, Still No Ice at the Fish Market opens with a pair of bangsa€”a bomb exploding in the midst of lovemakinga€”and ends up as one of the most unusual literary experiments in many years. Two alternating narrators in this story capture the extremes of classic clarity and Gothic chaos, wit and weirdness, as they hand the story to each other from one chapter to the next until the final chapter blends their separate styles. In all three novels, passionate love affairs become more powerful than evil in competing for the center of the story. As the genius who rules these Gothic games, the ghost of Poe is exorcised at last.a€œAn old guy like me had to scrimp and hustle to put the company, meaning a couple of thousand customers, together. ... hand it over to somebody like you so you dona#39;t have to start all over again and make a name for yourself out of nothing. ... More and more, as Jeremy listened to the results and saw what was offered, he realized how incredibly generous Marty had been. The sudden search for work, after such a promising start with Marty, was a body blow to Jeremya#39;s confidence in hisanbsp;...

Title:Three Plots for Poe
Author:Dennis S. Carroll
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-04-24


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