Three Thousand Years of Hebrew Versification

Three Thousand Years of Hebrew Versification

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qIn this unparalleled study of the forms of Hebrew poetry, preeminent authority Benjamin Harshav examines Hebrew verse during three millennia of changing historical and cultural contexts. He takes us around the world of the Jewish diaspora, comparing the changes in Hebrew verse as it came into contact with the Canaanite, Greek, Arabic, Italian, German, Russian, Yiddish, and English poetic forms. Harshav explores the types and constraints of free rhythms, the meanings of sound patterns, the historical and linguistic frameworks that produced the first accentual iambs in English, German, Russian, and Hebrew, and the first discovery of these iambs in a Yiddish romance written in Venice in 1508/09. In each chapter, the author presents an innovative analytical theory on a particular poetic domain, drawing on his close study of thousands of Hebrew poemsq--The rhyme scheme abab indicates two alternating rhymes; every line rhymes with another one. The rhyme scheme mana ... The Yiddish folksong does not know an independent strophe of more than four lines. It seems that such a stropheanbsp;...

Title:Three Thousand Years of Hebrew Versification
Author:Benjamin Harshav
Publisher:Yale University Press - 2014


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