Three Windows on Eternity: Exploring Evolution and Human Destiny

Three Windows on Eternity: Exploring Evolution and Human Destiny

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Three Windows on Eternity is an exploratory voyage past the frontiers of our knowledge and scientific understanding, taking you on a journey through evolution from the Big Bang to the 21st century. Based on scientific research and personal observation, Allerd Stikker argues and concludes that of the 13.5 billion years of evolution, the first 10 billion years, a so-called inorganic evolutionary period lasting from the Big Bang until the emergence of life, was irrefutably governed by a magnificent design. But note, by 'design' he does not mean 'intelligent' design, but a state resulting from the eight fundamental constants of nature that emerged in the first nanoseconds following the birth of the universe. That state is a question of personal interpretation, inspired by religious belief or otherwise. The story of evolution presented in this book can raise awareness and inspiration in today's younger generations as they try to realize a controlled transition within the next 25 years, thus avoiding an uncontrolled overshoot/collapse scenario. In this respect, we are playing with time.The sentences contain the codes for the recipes which produce all the protein molecules (enzymes, hormones, etc.) in our body, made up of the 20 specific amino acids referred to earlier in this chapter. Somewhat disconcerting is the findinganbsp;...

Title:Three Windows on Eternity: Exploring Evolution and Human Destiny
Author:Allerd Stikker Author
Publisher:Duncan Baird Publishers - 2013-10-03


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