Through It All

Through It All

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The first step is the hardest . . . Waverly Brown is the anchor that keeps her tight circle of friends together. Loyal and generous with her time, she would do anything for Kate and Amy but she can't bring herself to tell even her best friends the truth about her bakery and her increasing debt. She's so consumed with her own worries that she almost misses what is right in front of her; something is wrong with Amy, terribly wrong. Try as they might to reach out, Waverly and Kate can't make Amy open up to them. She refuses to admit there's anything wrong but Waverly is convinced Amy is in trouble and she's terrified. Can Waverly convince her friend to save herself before it's too late? Heartbreaking, honest and compelling, Through It All is a masterful novel about the power of friendship and the strength we find in those around us. (Published under the title How Lucky You Are in the United States of America)Shea#39;s asked me, in her characteristic, straightforward way, whether Ia#39;m scared to do it, and Ia#39;ve told her that I am. Still, I dona#39;t think ... This morning, while I was sitting on the plane, I remembered how much I looked forward to changing my name once I got married. No more, a#39;Oh, are ... a€œI couldna#39;t wait for anonymity, and now, here I am, giving speeches behind podiums bearing my last name. Not to mentionanbsp;...

Title:Through It All
Author:Kristyn Kusek Lewis
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-09-04


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