Through the Eye of the Tiger

Through the Eye of the Tiger

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As the founding member of Survivor and co-writer of one of the most inspirational songs in rock history, Jim Peterik easily fits into the category of a€œrock star.a€ But a closer look at Peterika€™s life and career reveal that he is anything but your typical rock star. Forgoing a life of meaningless sex and drugs, Peterik married his high school sweetheart and focused on the music, becoming one of the most prolific songwriters of his generation. Here, for the first time, Peterik shares the stories behind his iconic songsa€”from touring with Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin on the heels of the Ides of March number one classic a€œVehiclea€ to his Grammy-winning, triple platinum a€œEye of the Tigera€ with Survivor and beyond. He explores the often torturous power struggles within the band contrasted by the giddy highs that accompany a trail of worldwide hits. Peterik has also co-written songs with some of the most famous bands and artists in rock-and-roll, including 38 Special (Rockina€™ Into the Night, Caught Up In You, Hold On Loosely), Sammy Hagar (Heavy Metal), Brian Wilson, The Doobie Brothers, REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick, the platinum comeback of The Beach Boys (Thata€™s Why God Made the Radio), and many more. Through the Eye of the Tiger is more than just a memoir of a songwriting legend; ita€™s a classic rock-and-roll story, told through the eyes of someone who has lived through it all- and through the Eye Of The Tiger.He carefully took out his 1976 tobacco sunburst Gibson Les Paul, which would later be rechristened a€œFirewooda€ after it fell off its stand at a preproduction rehearsal with Ron Nevison, and had its headstock broken clean off! When it was anbsp;...

Title:Through the Eye of the Tiger
Author:Jim Peterik
Publisher:BenBella Books, Inc. - 2014-09-23


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