Through The Fiery Furnace

Through The Fiery Furnace

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This is a true life story of Goda€™s preparation of a prophet for service in the last days. Through trials and tribulation the Lord has refined this man of God, built his faith, and caused him to believe in everything that the Lord God is doing in his life as well as everything that the Lord is going to do in the last days. Many times in this mana€™s life the enemy has come very close to destroying him. The enemy at many times has come very close to stopping the work that was in progress. This is a fascinating account of Goda€™s intervention in this mana€™s life at every turn. Paul the apostle said the life I now live I do not live but Christ who is in me lives my life through me( I phrased). If this is true then this is also a story of how Christ lived through this man of God and prepared him for what he is yet to do. This is a fascinating story of how God works in us and how the Holy Spirit prepares us and teaches us and instructs us in spite of lifea€™s obstacles and hardship.In 2002 I made the purchase of the 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix. It was a neat little car and got very good ... The other problem was a fog was starting to set in that was apparently going to be very widespread. The Escalade followed me almost allanbsp;...

Title:Through The Fiery Furnace
Author:David Maendel
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-07-08


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