Through the Telescope

Through the Telescope

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It is my pleasure to share with you the culmination of a very long project. Castor Pollux is a group of 9th grade students at Webster Schroeder High School in upstate New York who spent about six months researching the Hero's Journey pattern as outlined by mythologist Joseph Campbell. Using references to mythology, literature, television, and film, the students began to see how the Hero's Journey permeates not only our culture, but all cultures across time and geographic location. From there, the students explored how the pattern is part of the human condition and how it can be used as a tool to examine their own lives.Ia#39;m intrigued now, and ask him why hea#39;d want coffee if he cana#39;t sleep, and he replies by telling me ita#39;s all about the crash. ... that if you make your heart beat fast enough with caffeine, this or that street drug, an energy drink, that you eventually tire ... He sees his situation as infinitely, manically funny, and I think ita#39;s how hea#39;s survived so long laying on those makeshift ... a resistance to Aburridrol, youa#39;ve developed a resistance to sleep in general, and the noise will always keep you awake.

Title:Through the Telescope
Author:Castor Pollux - 2014-05-01


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